mise en abime

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have no worries, my bewildered friend, don’t twist your brain thinking about the abyss, Andre Gide, Las Meninas, fractals, Ouroboros, the infinite-loop motif or other mind-boggling things, this time it’s only about dreaming…

I was aching to reach that place again – an impressive building hidden in a forest, with a gothic feeling to it and a baroque architecture – every room was charged (i.e. like a battery) with a different story that entered your body the moment you opened the door, and I was making desperate efforts to persuade my companion that he must remember the place, because he was there before, with me… at the same time I was telling him, and myself, that I was sure it was real and that I couldn’t have been dreaming… remember the path? the night was falling and all you could see were the lit windows through the leaves