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“If looks could kill, they probably will”.

(Peter Gabriel – Games without frontiers)

All these are happening because of Arrr and Vee, although Arrr might not even know that Vee’s name is Vee.

I was merely trying to give Arrr a hand, persuading her that a sign of recognition couldn’t do any harm and I somehow got entangled in the explanation…

I was most aware of the meaning of the gesture when I stood up and picked the third chair – we were waiting for someone. Minutes later, when I turned around to welcome Keck, I was already making that statement which unfortunately Arrr didn’t see. I was seated, so I was supposed to look much farther up for someone who was to come through that door, nevertheless my eyes lingered on him.

That man like a truck was intriguing me, nothing about him was elegant, but the innuit face, those slit eyes and almost no lips, the burning glance, his undisguised openness, the clear sign that he didn’t mind the game and that he was willing to play along were keeping me, a dragonfly caught in amber.

I finally raised my eyes, Keck was coming, I smiled and waved as if I were seeing somebody off at a railway station.

Next week, he pinpointed me out of other two hundred members of an enthusiastic crowd, greeted me and made me answer unhesitatingly. Of course I had doubts, of course I thought I must have been mistaken, in fact I was just telling Arrr about that, later on, in the pub, my back to the window, when they left. He waved Arrr good-bye and pointed his finger at me.

to be continued… or ended